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Having trouble remembering how to invite someone to your house or how to change your password? Fear no more! You can find all the commands available to you as well as their syntax in this short guide.

Registration & Account Management

/register <password> <password> registers you to the server
/login <password> logs you into the server
/premium label your account as premium (if you’re not using a cracked account) so that you can skip authentication upon logging in
/changepassword <old password> <new password> lets you change your password


/me <message> Use this command to show a message about yourself in the Chat window in Minecraft.
/msg <username> <message> Send a private message to a player
/tell <username> <message> Send a private message to a player
/w <username> <message> Send a private message to a player


/rtp or /wild Randomly teleports you into the wilderness. This command has a cooldown of 12 hours so use wisely!
/spawn lets you teleport to spawn
/tpa <username> send a teleport request to a player
/tphere <username> ask a player to teleport to you with this command

Home sweet home

/sethome Sets your home in the location you’re standing
/home Lets you teleport to your homeset
/home invite <username> Invites a player to your homeset.
/home uninvite <username> Uninvites a player from your homeset.
/home <username> Lets you teleport to a player’s homeset.
/home public Makes your home public (everyone will be able to visit)
/home private Makes your home private (only the invited people will be able to visit)

Land Claims

Claim your land to prevent it from building! Claiming can be done in three ways:

  • the first chest you place down creates an automatic 9x9 claim,
  • typing /claim will create a 9x9 claim around you
  • use a golden shovel to rightclick the opposite sides of the claim you want to create it!

/claimslist Lets you see the list of your claims as well as how many claimblocks you have.
/claimexplosions Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.

/abandonclaim Abandons the claim you’re standing in.
/abandonallclaims Abandons all your claims.

Please note: claims expire after 30 days of inactivity. Keep your claims safe by being active!

Claim Permissions

/accesstrust <username> Lets a player use buttons, levers and beds within your claim.
/containertrust <username> Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trust <username> Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
/permissiontrust <username> Lets a player manage permissions for the claim.

Please note! If you’re standing outside of your claim while granting permissions, the player will be granted permissions to all your existing claims.

/trustlist lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
/untrust <username> removes the permission for the player from your claim.
/untrust all removes all permissions for all players in your claim.

*Taken From Google*

AtlanticCraft Rules

Atlanticcraft is a kid-friendly survival server this means we do not tolerate any sort of bad stuff causing harm to other player. Our policies are clearly strick and straightforward and we wouldn't accept if someone is causing disturbance and polluting friendly enviornment. These rules only apply in-game so please read all of them.

*Hacking: is not allowed any sort of hacks in survival will not be tolerated. Do not exploit the game mechanics by using bugs as an advantage. Please report the bugs to staff member immediately.

*Spamming: This includes all types of spamming like asking for ITEMS or Ranks, repeating the same message again and again and excessive use of caps lock. Please use capslock at a limit.

*Advertising: Advertising other server's IP address ingame is a permanent ban without any compromise. If its done in private chat then its a kick but in public its a direct PERMANENT BAN.

*Cyber Bullying/Cyber Extortion: These are two different terms. Bullying can not be tolerated; Excessive criticizm, Making fun of names, skin color, insulting religion/God, race and nation. Blackmailing to leak someone's IP address, Threatening to cyber-attack someone or any sort of internet threats leads to a permanent ban.

*Adults Discussions: Discussing politics, religion, illogical arguments and any NSFW stuff in-game can not be tolerated. Read the first paragraph, I clearly said that our server is KID-FRIENDLY.


*Griefing/Stealing: Stealing & griefing are strictly forbidden. If someone trusted you at their base that doesn't means you can pick their items if you want to. You must take their approval and if they permit you, its fine. Stealing & griefing applies to unclaim builds as well. If you see unprotected builds always take a look before taking anything from chests by running /co i command and make sure to double check and ask yourself "Does this house belongs to someone"?

*Home-Trapping/Luring: Do not make 4*4 or 2*2 holes at your sethome. This means you can't make your home like trap like putting bucket of lava at your sethome, deep holes causing sudden death without even spawning. Luring means if you trap someone like "Hey, come to my home and get free diamonds!!" Its not acceptable.

*Scamming: Always do fair trades do not scam EASY RIGHT?

*Impersonation: Do not impersonate any player, any youtuber or staff member. You'll be permanently banned even for trolling purposes you're not allowed.

According to our claim policy, the claims gets expired after 30 days exactly which means after 30 days your stuff will NOT be protected if you didn't logged in these 30 days. Any player can take your claims by a request from staff members!!!

==More Rules Will Be Updated Here==

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